Grooming and Pet Nutrition Services

Pet Nutrition

We take your pet’s nutrition seriously and encourage a well-balanced diet. We offer veterinary prescription diets for cats and dogs, including the brands Hill’s Science Diet, Royal Canin and Purina. These special diets are used for a wide range of care, such as kidney, dental, digestive, urinary, hairball and weight management. Our veterinarians will discuss an appropriate diet for your pet, which may include a prescription diet.

Hill's Prescription Diet | St. Francis Animal Clinic Grooming and Pet Nutrition
Royal Canin Veterinary Diet | St. Francis Animal Clinic Grooming and Pet Nutrition
Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets | St. Francis Animal Clinic Grooming and Pet Nutrition

Grooming Services

Grooming is not just a way to make your pets look pretty, there is a lot more to this veterinary service. Regular grooming can help prevent matting, control shedding, alleviate skin irritation and identify abnormalities that are not easily noticed. We recommend having your pet groomed every four to eight weeks, depending on the length and condition of your pet’s fur.

We offer the following grooming services for dogs and cats:

For Dogs
Bath • Blow dry • Nail trim using a Dremel (pet permitted) • Ear flushing • Anal gland expression by a veterinarian
For Cats
Bath • Blow dry • Nail trim • Ear flushing
(pet permitted)

Come to St. Francis Animal Clinic and let us help your pet look and feel their best!

Benefits of Grooming at St. Francis Animal Clinic
Alleviate stress
for your pet while grooming

If your pet is difficult or gets extremely stressed for grooming, our veterinarian can administer sedation. This can particularly help in pets that are severely matted.

Access to your
pet’s medical records

Our veterinary clinic has your pet’s medical records and can perform any critical care if it were to become necessary for our more infirm companions.

Anal glands are
expressed by a veterinarian

A general part of the spa day is a routine anal gland expression. Some animals benefit from this service. Expression is done only by the veterinarian, not the grooming staff, to limit possible problems related to this process. Although not an exam, the veterinarian does comment on what may be going on “down there.”

Veterinarian can
treat your pet while grooming

If our groomer finds anything abnormal with your pet, such as cysts or growths, yeasty ears, skin discoloration or external parasites, a veterinarian may look at it BEFORE your pet goes home. You may also choose to have an exam or treatment done by a veterinarian while here for grooming.

Ear Cleaning

St. Francis Animal Clinic offers ear cleaning for your furry family members during their visit or while they are our boarding guests.

Watch as Dr. Daryl Lovingood performs an ear cleaning in the accompanying video.

Need Veterinary Services for Your Pet?

Visit our Veterinary Services page for a list of additional services provided by St. Francis Animal Clinic