Pet Boarding in Naples, FL

Your Pet’s Home Away From Home

While you are out of town, you can take comfort knowing that your pet is in good hands with us! We understand that some dogs and cats can find being away from home stressful. We do our best to make your pet’s stay with us as comfortable as possible. We have kennels of various sizes for cats and small to medium size dogs.  We also have runs for large and extra-large dogs. We have a fenced-in yard at the back of our building for dogs to run and play and we have some play time with toys and a staff member. We will treat your pet as if they were our own!

Benefits of pet boarding in Naples, FL
with St. Francis Animal Clinic

  • Experienced care: Our trained staff can handle animals with different temperaments and health issues. You can trust that we will give your pet’s medication when needed.
  • Life-saving care: We have your pet’s health records. We have a veterinarian here during hospital hours and can come back if the kennel attendant sees a health issue with your pet. The veterinarian is familiar with many pets and their medical history and can provide life-saving care in an emergency.
  • Separate areas for cats and dogs: Cats that are boarding are kept in a separate area from dogs that are boarding. We can also separate a dog from the rest of the boarders if they need a quiet environment.
  • All boarding pets are up to date on vaccines and parasite free: We require that all boarding pets are up to date on vaccines and do not have any internal or external parasites.
  • Services available while boarding: Your pet can get an exam or take advantage of our grooming services while boarding, so that you don’t need to make an additional trip when you get home.
  • Clean boarding facilities: Our clinic is clean and hygienic. Bedding, dishes and kennels are cleaned daily. Bedding is promptly changed if there is an accident. Your pet will never spend the day in a soiled cage.
View Our Available Grooming Services

St. Francis Animal Clinic offers grooming services for our cat and dog guests during their stay.

Boarding Emergencies

We understand that sometimes there may be an emergency with your pet while you are away. If you are boarding your pet and would like to allow someone to make medical decisions for your pet in your absence, please fill out our medical proxy form.

Additional Boarding Forms & Documents

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